Playing with Fire

Mayor Belen, Nanoy congrats!

By Gonzalo Duque


WE missed the President in Sual last Wednesday.

Anyway, it was just a send-off to some Vietnamese fishermen trapped by a typhoon.

You see — who says Pangulo is all-fight? — he just demonstrated a human and humane act!

Imbes na epriso ira, the Vietnamese were received like guests and given honors… may pabaon pa! Mabuhay ang Pangulo!

*                *                *                *

                  In our beloved City of Dagupan, we were met with proud and admiring Dagupenos for their Mayor Belen Fernandez who received recently a Seal of Good Governance from the DILG!

The criteria have been raised and refined, and our city under Mayor Belen has lived up to it.

We are now a finalist in the Most Child friendly City nationwide. How does the city under workaholic Belen do it?

Well, we just said it “Work, work, work!”  And, if you’ve been looking around, “build, build, build!”

Ha? Ang mga taga-Malued ay kumakaway?? Hello? Well, the mayor just told us she would soon start the road works!

Malued, kwanyou pa?  Paborito ata ni Mayora iray taga Malued! Mag-antay antay lang ng kaunti—agaylay karakel na ongoing infra projects!

And you know what? We had a foreign visitor who took a ride around the city at night last week. He was amazed at the new, sparkling look due to every street being lighted.

Ang mga addicts nagdi-disappear na! Let’s just say they have been greatly reduced! Huwag naman tayong mag exaggerate “na wala na o tapos na sila.

Someone asked us why in spite of our SSS work, we are keeping watch of our province and city. Know what? Well, we are now 65, we want to leave at least something for our future generation to look back to when we are no longer around.

With Mayor Belen in the saddle of leadership, we feel secure, confident and very pleased.

 Keep it up, Mayor Belen!

*                *                *                *

Our real problem, if you ask me, is public health or health care.

No, we’re not saying this because Brod Pincoy is at the helm of the health department.

When Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque was at LNU last week, he spoke about the prohibitive cost of insulin…  about P800 to P900 per, whereas it only costs P300 in Russia.  So he purchased 3 boxes of it when he was there.

We should emulate Russia on this aspect.

*                *                *                *

It’s been sometime that we haven’t written about our LNU basketball team.

Well, we just couldn’t help it now with our Dukes scoring a champ win at the North Central Luzon Collegiate League against St Mary’s of Pampanga.

Hmm… we should have shared the honors with the University of Luzon had Chito’s group shown and showed their mettle and played.

How are you, Jack Vidal? 

Anyways, we as a doting erpat of Nanoy, the young man behind Dukes’ going great guns, could only thank our lucky stars, with well-loved son’s uninterrupted rise in sports.  By the looks of it, we mean the games, it would be best if the Nigeria players give way to an All-Filipino affair to preserve the sports’ integrity.

*                *                *                *

We received reports that the Pangulo has become stern and strict on the Communists! Dapat lang, di ba? Papaano naman, may dini-discuss na peace talk, pinagpapatay naman ng mga taga-bundok ang ating mga sundalo!

Our take on the matter is—let’s rally behind the leadership’s program to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

If this is done, no foreign ideology, or contrary philosophy will succeed.

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