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CITY UNDER ORTIZ’S WATCH –Dagupan will no doubt eventually become drug-free in a matter of days as Barangay Pugaro already has become the 30th barangay declared drug-free in Dagupan.

P/Supt. Franklin Ortiz, Dagupan chief of police, said Pugaro was cleared on the level of the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC), that leaves only Barangay II & III as drug-affected and is still subject of drug operations.

Of the drug surrenderers in Dagupan, 60 of the severely and moderately drug affected are now undergoing drug rehabilitation at the Dagupan Drug Treatment Rehabilitation Center in Bonuan and another 190 of the slightly affected are undergoing community-based rehabilitation program.

Supt. Ortiz assured us that they can beat the timeline given them by the Police Provincial Office to have the whole of Dagupan cleared of drugs on or before December 31 this year.

He said that they are now doing something in Barangay II and III so that the village will join the other 30 villages of Dagupan as drug-free.

Ortiz, who just received his permanent appointment as chief of police of Dagupan, received kudos of the Sangguniang Panlungsod because of the excellent peace and order in Dagupan City under his watch.

He collared a gang of motorcycle thefts in the city that employs minors to steal unattended motorcycles a day after All Saints’ Day.

No major crimes happened in Dagupan City under his watch, except the hijack of a black Toyota Fortuner in Barangay Tapuac by a gang of holdup men neutralized by the police in Pozorrubio town two days later after the incident. – Leonardo Micua


FALL AT YOUR OWN RISK — A media colleague’s legs are hurting badly and may need surgery depending on the result of his X-ray and his doctor’s advice.

Mortz Ortigoza of the Northern Watch and a dedicated blogger in Pangasinan, has been limping and grimacing in pain while walking for the past five days.

I thought he has gout. The culprit, I was told, was a bad fall after stepping on an uneven cemented portion at the entrance of the new Provincial Information Office (PIO) in Lingayen. (Worse, Mortz’s sunglasses that cost more than P10,000 broke when he fell. Sayang naman).

He’s in pain and I feel for him. Kawawa naman.

Today, he’s unable to do what he loves doing daily—that is, making the rounds of officials’ offices, especially his suki mayors and police chiefs to interview – because of difficulty to move with ease. Malaki na ang nawala sa kanya.

Mortz said that the security guard at the new PIO office swore to him that many before him already fell in the same place due to misstep in that same uneven pavement.

In fact, our colleague in this paper, Kuya Ding Micua, said he, too, fell on the ground when he stepped on that pavement.

Mabibigla ka at maa-outbalance ka, said the two gentlemen of Pangasinan media.

Their concern am raising here is simple. Butch Velasco, the PIO head, might want to put a stop to these series of accidents in the same place.

Why not call the attention of the contractor of the building to his lousy piece of work? Or call the attention of the Provincial Engineering Office to do something about that uneven, elevated, accident-prone pavement? That should take only a few minutes of your precious time, Sir Butch.

 Kung sa USA yan, demanda agad ang inaabot ng building owner or office.

Kung hindi naman, pwede ring lagyan nyo na lang ng warning sign na may mensaheng ganito : Babala, ingatan ang pag-apak sa sementong ito, maaring nakamamatay kung ikaw ay matumba..Eva Visperas

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