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Dark forces still hound the PBA


By Al S. Mendoza 

AS I write this, Commissioner Chito Narvasa of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) was under fire.

Meaning, dark forces wanted Narvasa out.

I know the usual suspects:  Alaska and Talk ‘N’ Text.

They were very vocal in opposing the decision of Narvasa allowing the trade from Kia to San Miguel Beer of No. 1 Draft pick Christian Standhardinger.

They even went a bit way too far by accusing Narvasa of being biased.

With Standhardinger being dribbled by Narvasa to SMB, the Beermen bagged the biggest catch from the Draft pack on Sunday.

But, of course.

Standhardinger, the 6-foot-8 Fil-German, has a monster game packed in his bulging biceps, making him a primary material to help complete SMB’s second Grand Slam dream.

But what’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong with a team wanting to strengthen its lineup?

What’s wrong with a team dreaming big all the time?

Isn’t it everybody’s business in the PBA to aspire to snatch the best and the brightest crop during every Draft Day?

In short, SMB had scored one over its rivals fair and square.

Now, the losers cry foul.

They are nothing but a bunch of born losers.

For failing to do their homework, TNT and Alaska now pin the blame on Narvasa for the gaffe they themselves had monstrously committed.

They goofed big time and next, they went into the blame game—the easiest thing to do to cover up a boo-boo.

In the PBA, the one with eagle eyes wins—always.

Those with blurred vision are worst than horses wearing blinkers:  they are of one-track mind mentality.

They are blinded themselves by their own selfish interests, conveniently forgetting the league’s overall mantra of providing pure sporting entertainment when they fail to get what they wanted.

Poor Narvasa, he is being chased all the way to the showers by Alaska and TNT.

And he hasn’t done anything wrong, except to uphold the spirit of the PBA law.

But will Alaska and TNT succeed in ousting Narvasa?

That’s farthest from happening as 8 of the 12 PBA teams are needed to unseat Narvasa.

There’s only 4 votes going against Narvasa as I write this: TNT, Alaska. NLEx and Meralco.  Include Rain or Shine as a possibility.

That’d be only 5, or short by 3 to get to 8 votes.

The pro-Narvasa block would be SMB, Star, Barangay Ginebra, Global Port, Blackwater, Phoenix and Kia.

So, fellas, stop it, will you?

The oust-Narvasa movement would be merely an exercise in futility.

But more than that, the coup plotters only prove immaturity still exists in this magnificent institution, 42 years after its birth in 1975.

It’s all a result of narrow-mindedness and a self-conceited appreciation of things that has no place in a civil society such as ours.

OK, let’s all line them up against the wall?

Easy, easy.

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