Punching Bug

Shahani. Duterte. Fake News. Goodbye.

By Ulysses R. Butuyan


GOODBYE, HONORABLE LETICIA RAMOS SHAHANI, the late outstanding senator, diplomat, statesperson, a loving parent and a caring provincemate, friend and relative. Her pain in her sickbed might have been exacerbated by her annoyance, disappointment and bitterness towards current events.

PDEA REGION 1 LAMENTS LOW RATE OF CONVICTION (ONLY 30%) IN DRUG CASES. Almost, if not 100%, of the PNP arrests are irregular or arbitrary. In the matter of convictions, it pays to read the court decisions to see how many of them pass even pedestrian common sense.

PACQUIAO WILL PROBABLY SUCCEED DUTERTE AFTER THE LATTER’S TERM. Why wait that long? At least, he fights fair and square. His English may not be the most elegant but it is not rude either.

JOSE DE VENECIA PROPOSES GLOBAL POVERTY FUND FOR THE POOR. Will he volunteer as the first benevolent benefactor?

DAGUPAN ORDINANCE VERSUS FAKE NEWS PROPOSED. Call it Donald Trump ordinance. Will any of the newspapers in local circulation survive?

DUTERTE: “WALA ANG MGA YAN,” REFERRING TO ABUSE OF POWER, MASS MURDER, ATROCITIES AND LOOMING IMPEACHMENT. Thank God we are in Pangasinan where “wala” means there are and there will be.

HOUSE SPEAKER ON VP ROBREDO: WE’LL DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO; IT’S OUR CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY. Tell that to the marines! Impeaching political foes is a constitutional duty? Maybe, the performance of such “constitutional duty” also holds a promise of constitutional rewards.

DUTERTE TO CONGRESS ALLIES: THERE’S NO JUSTIFICATION FOR HAVING VP ROBREDO IMPEACHED. There’s more justification for extra-judicially murdering suspected drug pushers and users.

TRILLANES TO DUTERTE: JUST ANSWER THE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST YOU, INSTEAD OF RESPONDING WITH LIES. Suggested answer: “Bullshit! Sons of a bitch! Idiots! Shameless Hypocrites! Stupid!” See, he never lies.

DUTERTE TO POOR: SORRY IF YOU DIE. I HAVE TO CLEAN UP UNTIL THE DRUG LORDS ARE ELIMINATED FROM THE STREETS. How pleasing his words must be to the ears of the drug lords! It’s like having an assurance that they won’t be touched, ever, and simply because drug lords are not found in the streets but are luxuriating in their palaces and vacation resorts. Some of them may even be sitting in government’s high places while monitoring the progress of police operations according to instructions.


GOODBYE AND THANKS TO THIS COLUMN’S PATIENT READERS. The wages of age and fatigue are now sadly upon the writer. May the young live long enough to see and be proud of a better, more respectable and God-fearing Philippines – for a change!

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