Punching Bug

On Korean mafia, PNP chief Bato, Trump

By Ulysses R. Butuyan


MAD DOG” WARNS NORTH KOREA OF NUKE WAR SHOULD KIM JONG-UN LAUNCH AN ATTACK. U.S. Defense chief Matti can jump the gun on Nokor by hiring Duterte and his fellow mad dogs to do extrajudicial killings there.

SEXY ACTRESS ELLEN ADARNA AND “BASTE” DUTERTE DECIDE TO CALL IT QUITS. She’d rather dissociate herself from drugs.

PNP CHIEF BATO SAYS IT WAS THE KOREAN MAFIA THAT KILLED JEE ICK-JOO, AND IT WAS THE SAME GANG THAT KILLED MANY OTHER KOREANS SINCE 2005. Really? How come it took him this late to act? He probably wants to say further that Jee engaged police in a shootout during a drug buy-bust conducted inside PNP headquarters in Camp Crame but Jee died only after his living body was flushed down the toilet by his fellow Koreans. There’s more fun in the Philippines!

PURISIMA, NAPEŇAS BARRED FROM LEAVING THE COUNTRY. Please issue passports to Duterte, Bato and all the PNP rogues, too, and give them one-way plane tickets but without pocket money.

PUJ STOPS EYED AS TRAFFIC SOLUTION. To solve the traffic problem, stop police corruption first.

TRUMP’S UNPREDICTABILITY TROUBLES U.S. FRIENDS. Given his predictable unpredictability, why bother to guess his next utterance or move? By the way, hasn’t Duterte cussed him yet?

MANILA TO IMPROVE “WORLD’S OLDEST CHINATOWN.” Why not improve the situation of the Filipino squatter colonies first?

PNP HOLDS MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR MURDERED KOREAN. How funny! Guess whose crocodile tears flowed profusely.

WHAT IS THE ABSOLUTE THING IN THIS WORLD? An insatiable appetite for power, fortune and fame.

WHY DO SOME HEART ATTACKS HAPPEN IN THE BATHROOM? Maybe because some couples go there not just to take a bath.


TRUMP SEES ‘DEAD PEOPLE,’ PUSHES VOTE FRAUD PROBE. Will he exhume human carcasses to prove his point?

KEY TRUMP ALLIES LINKED TO SHADY IRANIAN GROUP. Stop thinking that only Filipinos are corrupt.

DUTERTE THREATENS TO KILL TAX CHEATS. Amazing and ludicrous! Is he telling us that he is an honest taxpayer? And if he also cheats like everyone does, is he willing to commit suicide?

JEEP FARE UP P1; TAXI BASE RATE P40. Let’s just buy brooms from Panay. To travel, no gas needed. No traffic mess. Not even police “kotong.”

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