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THE LION STILL DOESN’T SLEEP. The political pot in Pangasinan is still brewing. It has, in fact, extended to the elections for the new set of officers for the Philippine Councilors’ League (Pangasinan chapter) this August.

One candidate, with her family, has been going around, courting voters (councilors), plus their mayors, vice mayors and congressmen.

Another aspirant, not to be outdone, is doing the same, with at least two congressmen in tow during her meetings, one of them known for his Mr. Congeniality image while the other is like the Lion King.

Sources said the Lion King, who growls at his perceived enemies, particularly those who jumped political fences in the last May political fight, continues to rant versus some politicos in the province. Magnanimity in victory does not exist in his vocabulary. His fury has not simmered down, not a bit.

Knowing the guy, his anger stays forever, one board member said. He is vindictive, like a spoiled brat who will not stop until he hurts, physically and emotionally, his perceived enemies, the source continued.

One candidate, at the start of the campaign provides ‘10,000’ mgs of TLC  (Tender Loving Care) per voter-councilor, the source said. The other aspirant gives dosage of ‘5,000’ but knowing her patron, that could go higher as the big fight draws nearer, you know that, he added.

Antam lay style to, nu kapigan mamapasnok, mas ombabaleg (You know his style. The more he gets angry, the higher it (TLC) becomes,” he bluntly said.

Although the intensity of the political fight will continue to escalate, I still say, “Hakuna Matata” or “No Worries” in Swahili Language. The Lion King, I believe, still has a soft heart, after all. Let’s hope (with smiley emoticons please here).

If his rage does not subside, it is he who will suffer emotionally anyway. And that might take its toll on his health.

Remember what doctors perennially advise their patients: Avoid stress. —Tita Roces

Auckland – CRIME-FREE, DRUG FREE.  The people of New Zealand, home of the All-Blacks, the reigning world champion in rugby, are perhaps among the luckiest people on earth. Not only is their small country, just as big as the Philippines, abundant in natural resources, the cost of food too is kept at affordable level so no citizens will go hungry because he can’t afford to buy food.

With a population that is manageable, from five to six million, New Zealand is now being looked up to as one of the world’s biggest economies with its goods, forest and farm products as well as technologies being shared in various parts of the world.

The Philippines import dairy products and fresh fruits from New Zealand –including sweet red apples–which they have aplenty all-year round. If one is industrious as shown by many Filipinos already in this country, they can own a home and put their children in school like everyone else in this country.

On top of that, peace and order is excellent with almost zero crimes being recorded daily. We came across a news items in one of their newspapers which cited one city in the south that just recorded its seventh crime incident in seven years. Unbelievable!

We were informed that New Zealand has no record at all on drug abuse by any of its citizens despite the fact that marijuana is no longer a banned commodity in the country.

Unlike in the Philippines which is already on the verge of becoming a narco state, till President Rodrigo Duterte was elected and declared an unrelenting war against drugs, New Zealand has a clean slate as far as drugs are concerned.

A nation with no record of drug addition, crime and graft and corruption can go far and really do much to make its people happy. Wonder no more why New Zealand isadjudged the country with the happiest people on earth, and Auckland as one-time most child-friendly city in the world.

Incidentally, New Zealand has opened its doors to other Filipinos to work and to retire and many are rushing to apply. In our case, we are going back as we have yet an unfinished mission in Pinoy land to accomplish! – Leonardo Micua

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