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ACKNOWLEDGING THE PROBLEM. The problem posed by the garbage dumpsite in Binmaley town located inside a military reservation appears to be more serious than the controlled garbage dumpsite in Dagupan although both are located near the beach.

Fortunately, Mayor Simplicio Rosario did not lose his cool and easily acknowledged that there is a problem to be solved that does not call for a rash decision.

His decision to seek a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Urdaneta City so that Binmaley can bring its solid waste to the Urdaneta City Sanitary Landfill is a wise move and deserves plaudits.

Henceforth, he ordered a strict “no segregation, no collection” policy of trash and wastes from households to instill discipline among residents. –Leonardo Micua


SPEECHLESS BOKAL. When will we ever hear the voice of this honorable member of the provincial board who seldom (as in matalag nen say signal number 4 ya bagyo) talks or participates in the deliberations in the provincial board.

Mabuti pa ang parrot kasi nagsasalita, pero si sir Bokal, nganga!

It’s really a big disappointment because the bokal is a lawyer.

Lawyers in general are known for being articulate, which they really must be because they have to defend their clients and talk in a manner so convincing, backed by evidence, to win their arguments.

But this lawyer-bokal really hardly talks. And he sometimes attends the session late.

Sayang si bokal, agaylay kasil na kapuy to. Nababanglesan labat na ilol. Dapat manpainawa la next eleksyon, kaskasya met kalamor! Tita Roces



THE PANGASINAN TECHNOHUB. I couldn’t get more excited with the possible development of IT/BPO hub cum government center in our beloved Pangasinan. When the Governor first mentioned it in his SOPA last February, my first thought was it’s too far off considering the present agricultural thrust of our province. But now I believe the project is pushing through now that the pre-feasibility study will be launched anytime soon.

If the project proceeds well, this would mean a boost to the economy, to tourism, to job-generation, to information and delivery system, to the overall landscape of the province. Pangasinan will not only be known as a rice granary but a home to IT, as well. With the ASEAN integration, it has become imperative not only for a country but for a province, as well, to maximize its resources and capabilities. And its major resource is its people.

The Pangasinan Technohub project presents a lot of great potentials. I just hope it will not be torpedoed again by political motive like they did the Lingayen ecotourism zone project got. Oh please, people, let this one happen. – Johanne Macob

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