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IDEAL PUBLIC SERVICE. How I wish all employees in government offices could be like the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Baguio City.

Here’s the story of a satisfied client. A woman in her 40s who did not identify herself as a media practitioner, with no connections with any employees of SEC Baguio, went there to ask about the status of a non-government group in Pangasinan.

One of two courteous male employees at the front desk readily accompanied her to the desk of a Joel Fernandez who, in turn, assisted by another promptly retrieved the record of the group inquired into, and proceeded to explain the status.

She was supplied all forms that needed to be accomplished were provided, and guided how the documents must be filled out. Then a future date for the submission of the papers was set. But, when the client felt she could not meet the deadline, she called and asked for an extension, and this was promptly granted. And when the she arrived for the new deadline, again happy faces greeted her. Mr. Fernandez was not around but another employee, Agnes, substituted and gave an equally satisfying client care.

She experienced no hitches all the way. And each time she thanked a staff member, she got a uniform reply – “Trabaho po namin yun!” followed by a smile.

How I wish that in 2015, transactions in government offices would be like in SEC Baguio where the clients go home smiling because of excellent public service. – Tita Roces


PEOPLE’S MONEY FOR FIRECRACKERS? Can government funds be legally used to buy firecrackers?

This question cropped up in view of the admission of Pogo Grande Barangay Captain George Galvan that they used part of their barangay funds to buy firecrackers to be used for the high noon blast. He said buying from the local manufacturers in their barangay would help the latter recover the capital they spent this year instead of buying from other sources.

Its legality will be determined once the city auditor allows or disallows it. But many doubt it will pass because firecrackers, strictly speaking, are not similar to fireworks that can be bankrolled by government funds as these are a lot safer and meant for visual entertainment. But the government is already banning several kinds of firecrackers, meaning the government believes firecrackers pose dangers to people.

I believe COA will likely use its prerogative to put red flags on transactions that involved the use of barangays funds for firecrackers. –Leonardo Micua


MY WISH! The Year of the Green Sheep has finally arrived! And this only means one thing, we have all experienced, enjoyed, and survived the full-packed 365 days of year 2014. Congratulations to all of us! Now, it’s our time to look forward to the rest of 2015 with all our wishes so high.

Some friends have shared with us their wishes for the year 2015. We may find that some of these are similar with our aspirations in mind.

As for me, personally, I wish to see reasonable grades for my last semester’s subjects. And of course, my ‘forever’ list of wishes: good health, faith, hope, forgiveness, and love for everyone. Happy 2015!

With hard work and perseverance, let us pray that the Year 2015 will grant all our wishes. Here’s to our year, here’s to 2015!- Johanne Macob

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