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Tayug’s ‘1st Layug Marathon’

Noel Cabobos

By Noel Cabobos


ON DECEMBER 21, a Saturday, running enthusiasts from all over will dot the town of Tayug’s thoroughfares including that of the next town, San Nicolas, for the much-awaited running spectacle dubbed as “1st Layug Marathon.”

The event aims to put Tayug in the country’s map of Marathon events and at the same time benefit the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. the strongest typhoon that hit the country with, so far, more than 4,000 deaths and billions in pesos in casualties…and counting.

This epic event, according to race chairman Rogelio Co, Jr., a duatlon athlete and owner of Jay’s Bike Shop which has its branches in Tayug & Urdaneta City, will jumpstart the running activities “for a cause” in Tayug as homegrown health and fitness enthusiasts endeavor to take an active part in the social and sports agenda of the local government under the able leadership of Mayor Tyrone Agabas, who, himself, is passionate to help the victims of the typhoon and at the same time lead the people of Tayug live a healthy lifestyle.

Indeed, the 1st Layug Marathon ushers more reasons to celebrate life in the town of Tayug as a better place to hold marathons and running events in this part of the region. This is also the best moment for Tayugueños to show to all and sundry that it is home to some of the country’s best runners who can match the best of the other regions in the country. And it is also the best moment for all of us to show that we care for our brothers in the Visayas who have been battered and devastated by Typhoon Yolanda.

But well, the event is also actually a treat for everyone in Tayug to experience what marathon event has to offer best- -good feeling and sharing of running experiences and escapades.

And at the town of Tayug, one will certainly take pride by sharing this moment with friends and relatives as they all go running, thinking that the event will benefit people who are currently suffering from the dilemma brought by Yolanda. And for us, Tayugueños, this is definitely a perfect way to celebrate the season of welcoming 2014 with friends and loved ones.

Actually, there’s more benefit from participating in this event. The occasion would be a perfect blend of meeting and bonding with friends, relatives, and associates after a whole-year round of working and rat-race-like career to rejuvenate and rekindle feelings that kept you, your friends, relatives, and associates in Tayug constantly attached despite the distance or separation for awhile.

The 1st Layug Marathon can also be a treasury of unforgettable moments as it is designed to be a moment that’s worth remembering. It is not yet too late for everyone to celebrate the last hurrah of the good things that 2013 has brought to us all. Yes, the countdown to enjoy it begins now, and we assure everyone that it’s going to be an unforgettable one because everything about the 1st Layug Marathon is all in the name of fun. That’s what makes life truly, truly exciting, right?

So have you registered already?

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AFTERTHOUGHTS. What Layug means?  Former Tayug mayor Marius Ladio had this interesting story:

The origin of Tayug started when a group of brave and pioneering Ilocanos left their homes in search for a new land. In their wandering, they were attracted by an unusual tall Bacayao tree majestically conspicuous even from a great distance away from over the rolling, grassy plains. Out of curiosity, they went nearer the tree and discovered the richness of the surrounding so they decided to establish their settlement in the place. They cleared the land and here, under that Bacayao tree, they built their new homes. At once, they called the place “Layug” which means “tall” in the Ilocano dialect, in reference to the tall Bacayao tree which has become the distinguishing landmark of their new settlement.

In the course of time, however, the name Layug was changed to Tayug for the convenience of pronunciation.

The, unfortunately, is no longer existing nowadays after it was reportedly downed by a typhoon several decades ago. (Comments are welcome at

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