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Anda mayor under probe for dishonesty?

By Gerry Garcia

NESTOR Pulido, mayor of Anda in West Pangasinan, was a former fellow media-man in Dagupan City, was in fact the president once of the Pangasinan Press and and Radio Club (PPRC) leading which he did remarkably well. This was years before he migrated to Manila to join GMA TV Channel 10.

Nestor, with wifey BM Alicia Pulido whom he succeeded as mayor of Anda, has a daughter, Maki, currently working in GMA’s Reporter’s Notebook slot and was one of the reporters of the TV station’s 24 Oras news anchored by Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco. Administrative charges of dishonesty and oppression have been filed against Mayor Pulido by some members of Anda’s SB to which his reaction was, understandably, defiant. He shrugged off the charges as pure harassment.

He tried to parry charges of disho-nesty and oppression. He said, for instance, and we believe him, that cash in the municipal coffers is limited and he could not cope with all the council-men’s demand for cash with which each could pay for his or her ultra expensive cellphone. That, Nestor says, is not dishonesty. It’s simply honest accounting of Anda’s state of finance. There are people more deserving of public cash dole-outs than mere cellphone-lovers, like, for instance, malnourished school children and others who are victims of calamity, like typhoons and flash-floods

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Ferry service, a joint undertaking proposed for adoption by cities of Alaminos and Dagupan in Pangasinan and San Fernando in La Union, is not only a tourist-oriented affair. It’s also a kind of alternative mass transport using ferry boats plying the sea lanes as distinguished from transport on land using passenger jeepneys and buses.

Travel in Lingayen Gulf linking the coastal cities is decidedly safer, faster and less costly than traveling inland. No polluted air, traffic is clear and unobstructed.

Since there would be less commuters traveling on land, the time-wasting congestion in the 3 cities’ roads would correspondingly ease.

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