Pangasinense claims he has ultimate formula to beat COVID-19

BELIEVING that the World Health Organization (WHO) is hiding that COVID-19 is air-borne caused by air-pollution produced by industrialized countries, a Pangasinan-based inventor claims he has the most effective solution to the pandemic – his formula he labeled as Sonyas Plems.

Jaime Imbat, producer of Sonyas Plems and owner of JPI Enterprises based in Pozorrubio, clarified, however, that his formula is intended to augment the effects of vaccines produced by pharmaceutical companies.

Imbat said his ‘Sonyas Plems’ is the combination of Lagundi, Tinanangay roots and the Salay leaves which formula he said, was used by Filipino forefathers long before the Spanish period.

Sonyas Plems is not to be taken internally but its essences are to be inhaled by patients inside a “fogging room”.

After a few short moment of inhalation, phlegm will exit from the nose, eyes and the anus, and tiny particles of the phlegm are discharged with the urine, saving the patient from being attached to ventilators.

He said his formula was submitted to the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development and was referred to the Department of Science and Technology-Technology Application and Promotion Institute on November 5, 2020.

He claims he tested his invention among his friends and they felt better and recovered after inhaling the essence of Sonyas Plems in enclosed rooms twice a week.

Imbat said he will write to the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care for possible funding assistance for the mass production of his invention. (Leonardo Micua)

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