Illegal firecrackers seized by police on Dec. 31

FEW hours before New Year, the police across Pangasinan simultaneously swooped down on several firecracker stalls and seized thousands of pesos worth of illegal and unauthorized firecrackers and pyrotechnics from different vendors.

In Malasiqui town, police seized on December 31 were P6,220 worth of banned firecrackers from seven vendors who were selling their wares on Montemayor Street and  P2,000 worth of abandoned firecrackers recovered by them on Mejia Street in Poblacion, Malasiqui.

In San Carlos City, the San Carlos City Police seized on mid-afternoon P4,550 worth of  assorted firecrackers believed to be imported from China from four vendors in Barangay Roxas.

In Lingayen, police swooped down on seven stalls that were selling banned firecrackers worth P5,600 along the town’s Firecracker Display Zone on Jimenez Street in Barangay Poblacion.

In Bayambang, police seized P2,492 worth of banned firecrackers from two vendors in Barangay San Gabriel 2nd.

In San Quintin police sized unauthorized and unlabeled firecrackers from two vendors in Barangay Casantamaria-an.

In Dagupan City, policemen from Police Community Precinct (Mayombo base) confiscated three Judas belt firecrackers worth P3,000 from an unidentified vendor in Barangay Caranglaan close to midnight.

In Umingan, police seized prohibited firecrackers and pyrotechnics from stalls in Barangay Poblacion East.

In Mangaldan, 54 pieces of  “kwitis: and four improvised “boga” were seized by the police in Barangay Anolid 20 minutes before New Year. The unidentified vendors managed to escape.

At 1:00 a.m. on January 1, a mobile patrol of the Lingayen Police chanced upon one Jonathan Tandoc when he was lighting a baby rocket and arrested him. Seized from the suspect were seven other baby rockets, one of which was inserted in a small bottle and was readied for firing.

At 1:15 on January 1, the Mangaldan Police on mobile patrol seized 44 kwitis from an unidentified vendor in Barangay Gueguesangen.

Arrested vendors were slapped with cases for violation of local firecracker ordinances.
 (Leonardo Micua)

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