House caretaker threatened by 2 armed men

A 67-year-old house caretaker was threatened with harm by two armed men who barged into the house of the Prestoza family located at 388 Ydia Street in Mangaldan town on October 20 at about 2:00 p.m. and were looking for a certain Arnel Prestoza.

Ramon Gonzales Jr. reported to the Mangaldan police Station that he is the caretaker of the property of the Prestoza family since July 2020 and at around 2:00 p.m. that day (October 20), two armed men, whose identities are still unknown, entered the premises of the property through the gate.

Gonzales approached the duo and asked them what their purpose was. One of the two who was seen by Gonzales concealing a handgun, asked him if Arnel Prestoza is around.

When he responded that Arnel was no longer living on that property, one of the two men forced his way into the house but did not find Arnel Prestoza. Before the duo left the premises, they threatened to harm Gonzales if they found out that he was lying about Arnel.

This prompted Gonzales to report the matter to the police.

Gonzales recalled that a few months back, their neighbors told him that unknown persons were seen suspiciously looking at the Prestoza premises.

He also said that a week before the two armed men barged into the premises of the Prestozas, he saw two men riding tandem on a motorcycle with unregistered plate passing by several times and staring at the property he is keeping watch.

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