Editorial October 11, 2020

COVID-19, a scare tactic?

TO this day, not a few so called “health experts” around the world have branded COVID-19 as a scam, a scare tactic to serve a heinous agenda of profiteers not only of multi-national pharma companies but the depopulation agenda of former Microsoft Bill Gates.

Perhaps so because they say causes of deaths of fatalities are not specifically defined, and confirmed by autopsy. But perhaps not because news of people dying from symptoms that are normally cured with over the counter medicines are suddenly dying while in confinement in hospitals. Symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath, loss of appetite were never considered life-threatening but with COVID-19, these are life-threatening to patients that suffer from these ordinary and common illnesses all at the same time.

All the death accounts reported by the Provincial Health Office carry the same prognosis – all died with all the same symptoms, in some cases, compounded by existing ailments of the patient, i.e., hypertension, heart ailment, pneumonia, etc.

COVID-19 is hardly a scare tactic. Our medical practitioners – main frontliners in the war vs. COVID-19 – are our most credible witnesses especially those who died from the same virus they absorbed from caring their COVID-19 patients.

Whether one believes it or is in constant denial, it behooves families to take extra precautionary measures when seemingly ordinary symptoms of flu, headache, hard of breathing become evident in any of the family members.

COVID-19 is no longer a debatable issue. It’s evidently a life and death situation.


Trust Trump

“DON’T be afraid of COVID-19.  Don’t let it dominate your life.”  Thus, said President Trump when he got out of the hospital this week.  He can say that again and again and people will respond with a mere shoulder shrug.  How can he not survive the infection?  To prove he is practically invincible by the deadly virus, he needed only a three-day confinement when 14 days is the minimum hospital stay.  On his second day, he even walked out of his hospital bed to wave at his well-wishers to the horror of his doctors.  No surprise there.  The virus is beatable, especially when detected early.  And Trump being the world’s most powerful person, he has at his disposal the entire American health system.  Seeing the world’s most dominant country lose its president to a virus is ludicrously unthinkable.  A joke as crazy as Manny Pacquiao running for president in 2022.  That simple.

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