LTFRB: 1,000 PUJs more to serve commuters

THE Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) regional office has opened 1,000 additional slots for Public Utility Jeeps (PUJs) that will ply 190 routes across Pangasinan.

LTFRB Regional Director Narusdin Talispan issued the memorandum last week for the issuance of special permits to serve in all existing routes in Pangasinan during the Modified General Community Quarantine.

This was earlier sought by the Alliance of United Transport Organizations Provincewide (Autopro) headed by Bernard Tuliao that called attention to the plight of PUJ operators and drivers who have long been idle since March, without any means to support their families.

Tuliao hailed LTFRB for acting on Autopro’s request not only because many jeepney drivers and operator can finally earn a living but because commuters who are without means to move around can finally be served, they who can make the recovery of the economy faster.

He expressed hope that all the existing number of PUJs holding franchise will be allowed to resume operation before classes open on October 5.

There are 3.350 PUJs with franchises in Pangasinan.

Of the new 1,000 plus given the green light in Pangasinan, 261 slots went to Dagupan City: Dagupan City-Calasiao route (56), Dagupan City-Bonuan Binloc (26), Dagupan City-Bonuan Boquig (41), Dagupan City-Bonuan Gueset/Tondaligan (50), Dagupan City-CSI Lucao (16), Dagupan City Downtown-CSI Lucao (1), Dagupan City-Downtown Loop Service (47), Dagupan City-Bolosan-Salisay (24).

Last week, LTFRB granted permits for Dagupan-CSI Lucao (9), Dagupan-Downtown Loop (17), Dagupan-Bonuan Gueset.Tondaligan (24), Dagupan-Bonuan Binloc (18), Dagupan-Bonuan Boquig (1), Dagupan-Mangin (5), Dagupan-Salisay-Tambac-Bolosan (16) and Dagupan-Calasiao (19).

All PUJs to be given special permits must be certified as road worthy by the Land Transportation Office and compliant to rules and regulations by both LTFRB and the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Infectious Diseases (IATF) as well as the Department of Health. (Leonardo Micua)

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