Resuello: Expect stricter rules vs. COVID-19

SAN Carlos City Mayor Julier Resuello said residents should expect stricter implementation of quarantine guidelines/protocols as the city recorded Thursday its 11th confirmed COVID-19 case.

Resuello said the city has been strictly implementing the quarantine protocols in Pangasinan but wants an even stricter policy adopted to curb the rising number of infections.

He noted that Pangasinan is already under modified general community quarantine that allowed regulations to be eased, enabling more people to go out of their homes to help boost the local economy.

Notwithstanding  the lower level of quarantine, he said the city government still implements the quarantine ID system and there are schedules followed in public markets.

“But I see that more should be done,” he said, pointing out that imposing more discipline is needed.

Before the month ends, Resuello said more rules will be enforced.

“We will balance the economy but we will craft stricter guidelines that must be implemented by the government,” he said.

The 11th COVID-19 confirmed case in the city is a 74-year-old male from Barangay Isla, a stroke patient and bedridden and had exposure to relatives who came from Metro Manila to visit him. (PhilStar Wire Service/ECV)

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