PDC approves “Abig” Pangasinan Recovery Plan


THE Pangasinan Provincial Development Council (PDC) approved the Annual Investment Plan highlighted by the “Abig” Pangasinan Recovery Plan for  calendar year 2021.

Derived from the Pangasinan term which means betterment or welfare, “Abig” Pangasinan will focus on addressing the socio-economic challenges of Pangasinan due to COVID-19 and assist affected sectors in the province.

Ang kailangan natin ngayon ay tulungan ang mga kababayan natin. We anchor our resources and strengths for recovery,” said Governor Amado I. Espino III stressing that the “Abig” Pangasinan Recovery Plan for CY 2021 will progress towards the socio-economic recovery in the Pangasinan.

ABIG PANGASINAN RECOVERY PLAN. The Provincial Development Council (PDC) approved the “Abig” Pangasinan Recovery Plan 2021 which will focus on the addressing socio-economic challenges brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic in Pangasinan. The Abig Pangasinan Recovery Plan will also assist the recovery of affected sectors in the province such as health care, agriculture, livelihood and employment, environmental protection, disaster risk reduction and management, infra-support development, social welfare, and tourism. Governor Amado I. Espino III (top photo), led the PDC meeting held on June 30 at the Pangasinan Training and Development Center II. /PJES(Photo by NINF)


The provincial chief executive highlighted the importance of supporting small-scale workers for the “Abig” Pangasinan.

“Kailangan nating tulungan ang mga maliliit na businesses. Ang importante ay kumita at magkaroon ng trabaho ang mga Pangasinense,” said Governor Espino as he vows to support small businesses in Pangasinan by providing a window of opportunity for them to recover through “Abig” Pangasinan.

Furthermore, all reinforcement projects of the provincial government will fall under the “Abig” Pangasinan Recovery Plan.

The “Abig” Pangasinan Recovery Plan covers priority programs, projects, and activities that addresses the following: enhanced health care system, increased agricultural productivity, livelihood assistance, manpower development and employment, environmental protection and disaster risk reduction and management, infra support development, social welfare service, tourism development and promotional activities, and other regular programs such as housing and resettlement projects, scholarship programs, peace and order, sports activities, human resource development, and financial management.

It can be noted that the resources of the Provincial Government offices were also pooled to grant more funds that will directly help the local governments.

Provincial Government Offices will maintain their current projects and programs with lesser budget to be anchored on the “Abig” Pangasinan Plan.

Governor Espino urged local government unit chiefs and PDC members to unite towards the recovery of the province. He also directed the LGU mayors to create a technical working group which will oversee the recovery programs of each LGU.

The PDC members also approved the supplemental budget from the Department of Energy for public health workers.

Chairman of PDC and Governor Amado I. Espino III, together with PDC Secretary Benita Pizzaro, led the blended meeting on June 30 at the Pangasinan Training Center II with onsite and online participation of PDC members. /Paula Jhea Sison

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