Pangasinan imports hogs from Zambales, Ilocos Norte

THE noted increase in prices of pork products in the market today is caused largely by the costs of transporting hogs and pork products from neighboring provinces, from Zambales to Ilocos Norte.

The decimation of hogs in Pangasinan on account the dreaded African Swine Fever (ASF), has forced suppliers and resellers in province to import hogs and transport costs have added to the increased market prices.

Dr. Jovito Tabarejos, acting provincial veterinarian, said because of the distance from Pangasinan to Zambales and Ilocos Norte, meat vendors have to pass on the transport costs.

Pork price of pork meat has risen to P260 from P220 per kilo in previous months.

Tabarejos revealed that Pangasinan used to be the biggest producer and main exporter of hogs in Luzon until the ASF broke out sometime in September last year.

While a number of big hog raisers were affected by ASF epidemic, 51 percent of those affected were backyard hog raisers, Tabarejos said. (Leonardo Micua)

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