Bolinao beach reopens on July 15

AFTER almost four months of lockdown, Bolinao which boasts of having Patar Beach dubbed as the Boracay of the North, is now preparing for the reopening of its tourism sites on July 15.

A Facebook post of the local government presented an informercial video on the guidelines and protocols for the reopening of tourism sites and hotels, i.e., persons aged 21 to 59 years old from Region 1 shall be allowed entry to Bolinao but medical and health clearances, travel authority and valid identification cards must be presented at the border checkpoints.

In another post, the city government said a minor facelift on Patar Beach has started with the improvement of the walkways leading to the beach area.

Meanwhile, the Bolinao Tourism Office and Estrella Caasi, owner of Costa Del Fuego and Bolinao Artist Group, Inc. led by internationally renowned artist and Bolinao’s pride Herwin Buccat, initiated a mural painting project that is expected to add beauty, color and vibrancy to the town’s premier tourism site.

Bolinao Mayor Alfonso Celeste expressed confidence it will surely attract more tourists and beach enthusiasts. (PhilStar Wire Service/ECV)

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