AUTO-CLAVE & BRICK-MAKING MACHINES RECYCLE WASTES. The Provincial Government of Pangasinan utilizes new modes of technology to recycle wastes to help prevent transmission of other viruses and infections. Left photo shows an auto-clave machine which shreds hazardous wastes to tiny pieces and undergo extreme heat to kill the virus and bacteria that may have infected the hazardous wastes in hospitals. The right photo shows a brick-making machine that converts plastic wastes into bricks. The plastic wastes were collected from the Kalinisan Karaban program of the provincial government. Shredded materials from the autoclave machines may also be used as materials for brick-making. At present, 3 auto-clave machines are operating in major provincial government-owned hospitals, namely: Pangasinan Provincial Hospital (PPH) in San Carlos City, Eastern Pangasinan District Hospital (EPDH) in Tayug, and Western Pangasinan District Hospital (WPDH) in Alaminos City while the brick-making machine of the provincial government is established at the Motorpool Compound. /SMDG (Photos by Pao Pantaleon & Jin Perez)

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