Ex-cop shot dead after resisting arrest

AN ex-policeman, tagged as a member of a gun-for-hire group operating in the province, was shot dead in Mangaldan town by authorities in a shootout last Monday after resisting arrest.

P/Lt. Col. Colonel Jun Wacnag, Mangaldan chief of police, identified the suspect as Efren Ponceja, a resident of Barangay Bued in Binalonan.

According to Wacnag, Ponceja had a standing warrant of arrest for the murder of a Binalonan policeman in 2016 with the use of unlicensed firearm, and was known to be the sub-leader of Ricardo Siador gun-for-hire group, using the alias “Joker”.

Wacnag said his station received a tip from informants that Ponceja was in the vicinity of Barangay Salay.

Operatives from from Mangaldan PNP and the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office were about to serve the warrant but Ponceja drew his pistol and fired at the policemen. A shootout ensued that resulted in Ponceja’s death.

Ponceja was rushed to the hospital, where he expired. (Ahikam Pasion/Nora Dominguez)

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