Editorial June 28, 2020

Ready for Old and New Normal?

IF the data culled on the status of the campaign vs. COVID-19 as of June 18 are to be believed, indeed, Pangasinan has reason to be optimistic that the shift to both the old and new normal can proceed earlier and better than expected.

The return to old normal is about resuming regular economic and leisure activities in our communities, minus the stringent quarantine protocol imposed by the provincial and national government.  It’s about restoring free flow of trade and industries, employment, easier access to and higher mobility between communities. It means facing the usual societal problems and issues relying mainly on our individual capacities and capabilities.

The shift to the “new normal” is everything about the old but with new discipline.

It means, communities must learn to always give the health and sanitation factor of everything we do a serious consideration. We cannot ignore the need to be conscious of self protection when leaving our homes, and mingling in public. Residents and families must also restore confidence in government’s health programs and protocol, particularly immunization programs.

The new normal is also about putting more meaning to public accountability of elected officials and government employees. It means learning and adopting the discipline to be law-abiding in all aspects while remaining vigilant and watchful over corrupt activities in governance.

Bring on the new normal with the spirited energy of the old.


Leachon lost it

A team player must never badmouth his team in public. That’s a rule as old as time, which Dr. Anthony Leachon had just broken.  He went to Facebook and Twitter on June 13 to hit the National Task Force Against COVID-19 (NTF). Just as quickly, he was fired as the NTF special adviser.  Listen to him before his sacking:  “I think DOH (Department of Health) has lost focus in everything. Risk communication, priorities, data management, and execution of all plans.” Not contented, Leachon had another post:  “I’m extremely frustrated with the lack of sense of urgency of the DOH leadership in data management.” Who is the DOH leadership but Health Secretary Dr. Francisco Duque III himself?  Utter recklessness.  Disrespect.  Then Leachon gave himself away: “As a team player, I should not have uttered those words.”   But the harm has been done.  Think first before you speak. Clearly, Leachon did the contrary.  He paid the price.

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