Time to be vigilant, to be optimistic

IF the indicators of the latest statistics collated by the Provincial Health Office are what they show, then we have reason to be confident and optimistic that, indeed, Pangasinan is on the way to flattening the curve, finally.

The strategy to immediately test the confirmed and suspected Patients Under Investigation, including patients that died before they could be tested helped the provincial government control the situation.

We’d also like to believe that the contact-tracing of persons who were closely associated with the persons found positive of COVID-19 achieved at least 95% of those targeted, but the efforts to trace the remaining, wherever they may be, whether they are in Pangasinan or elsewhere including overseas, will continue.

We underscore the need to follow through with the contact-tracing because as proven, the spread of COVID-19 is exponential. If two confirmed carriers continue to roam freely, the province can be thrown back to square one in its campaign to contain the virus.

It is for this reason that we reiterate the call of Governor Amado Espino III to continue to be vigilant and join the effort in identifying suspected carriers among us.

Meanwhile, let’s continue to join hands in praying for the safety and welfare of our frontliners in the hospital, at the checkpoints, and all behind their support services.

Obey to preserve our gains

THE first ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) for Luzon was imposed from March 16 to April 14 by President Duterte. The 30-day rule required all Luzonians to stay at home to contain the spread of Covid-19, the vicious virus that has been infecting thousands and has killed hundreds worldwide since its outbreak in Wuhan, China, on December 17, 2019.

Mr. Duterte has extended the ECQ up to April 30, a move widely embraced by a nation gripped with fear over this pandemic that has virtually paralyzed both the economy and our social life.   The extension aims mainly to preserve the gains we’ve already recorded in the first month of the ECQ since staying at home has been proven as the safest and fastest way to stop the spread of the virus.

The government is doing its best but for it to succeed in killing the Covid-19, we must obey.  Heed or hell is here to stay.

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