Technology to the rescue

LAST week, The PUNCH received a copy of the presentation of HUAWEI Technology offering its Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to the hospitals in the country for FREE! It is the same AI that helped Wuhan City, ground zero of COVID-19, successfully flattened the curve and effectively stopped community transmission of the virus.

What it is, is a technology that allows accurate detection of Covid-19 within two minutes, in lieu of the more than 3-5 days to get results of swab tests from the RITM. And all it needs is a CT scanner, a laptop with internet for access to Huawei Cloud.

This came in the wake of reports from the Provincial Health Office that two Pangasinenses already died even before they could get the results of their tests. It’s a sorry state of our country’s inability to adapt to technology.

The invisible COVID-19 spreads exponentially that traditional facilities in our hospitals can no longer hope to cope with it, which explains the pandemic.

The provincial government and private hospitals in Dagupan City should lose no time to look into this free offer of Huawei that will enable fast and early detection and lead to early treatment not only to prevent needless deaths, but stop transmission of this virulent virus.

Gov. Amado Espino III can lead the way in Pangasinan in helping effectively stop transmission via quick accurate detection of COVID-19 by adopting the system today.


Forgiving not flogging

SEN. Koko Pimentel admitted his mistake of going to Makati Medical Center despite his being subjected earlier to COVID-19 testing. He was on a mission a husband couldn’t refuse: accompany his wife about to deliver their child. Despite his apology, the senator still got bashed in social media.

Unfair. This is not the time for public flogging. The senator deserves to be spared.  For one, he said he was sorry. For another, his doctor did not require him for home quarantine.  And, it was imperative that he must be by his wife’s side, especially that the child to be born was their first. In fact, Koko deserves our compassion.  He is under extreme pressure—the COVID-19 scare and all. He needs our love more than any time of his life. This is no time to put one to a torture chamber.

This is one time when forgiving should become as natural as breathing.

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