Community Quarantine is about Pangasinan

THE declaration of “Community Quarantine” covering Metro Manila should not be construed to mean that its effects don’t have impact on life in Pangasinan, because it does.

The provincial, town and city governments and residents of Pangasinan should take the seeming drastic measures that include restricted travel to and from Metro Manila, extended no classes, etc. as serious examples and lessons in governance to combat an epidemic and to address and emergency situation.

For instance, the lockdown declared in Pangasinan vs. the spread of the African Swine Fever has so far failed to produce the desired results.  Our local officials should take the declared Community Quarantine” strategy as the opportunity to calibrate the implementation of the ongoing lockdown vs. ASF.

And while Pangasinan has been FREE of COVID-19 cases (so far), our local governments must seek to adopt new measures to keep the province’s state of health today for a long period. For instance, it is well established that elderlies are most vulnerable to the virus yet our local governments have not adopted a strategy to visibly protect the health of the province’s senior citizens.

There is also the need to consciously make the youth aware of the importance of sanitation and hygiene to protect them from viruses and diseases. It can be a worthy program for the federation of Sangguniang Kabataan in the province.

In sum, the Community Quarantine of Metro Manila is about Pangasinan as well.


Best doctor

THIS is no time to blame.  This is the time to act as one, to think as one, to be one.  To blame Health Secretary Francisco Duque III for not doing enough to address the spread of the COVID-19 virus is thinking retrogressively and not progressively.  To pin him down is fault-finding and contributing only to further ruin.  To say President Duterte acted a bit late in initiating moves to mitigate the epidemic is rather unfair.  No leader, especially in the caliber of Digong, would want to see his people suffer from mindless inattention.  Instead, let’s rally behind him as the world is being gripped by the most vicious virus in recent memory.  The only way to survive, to lick, this plague is by being united.  Let us cooperate.

Let us heed advisories uncomplainingly.  Finally, let’s pray for God’s protection.  For God alone, whatever you conceive Him to be, is still the best doctor of humanity.  The only One.

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