Schools Division 1 chief belies allegations of irregularities

THE Department of Education Pangasinan 1 Schools Division Superintendent Sheila Marie Primicias belied all the allegations against her by members of the provincial board.

Allegations of irregularity were reported to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan whose members in turn quizzed her last January 27 about selling tumblers to both teachers and students.

She said the proceeds of the sale of tumblers, as approved by the Parents-Teachers Association (GPTA), are to be given to medalists as cash incentives in the upcoming Region One Athletic Association (R1AA) meet this February.

She maintained that students are not the ones selling tumblers but teachers and parents and belied claims as well that teachers are soliciting. Primicias also deflected claims that teachers were forced to solicit cash to implement her directive to make classrooms uniform in design.

She clarified that her directive is in accordance with and as prescribed in the manual by DepEd, requiring common designs for classrooms.

“I wondered why classrooms in the division had different designs when I arrived. This is not in accordance with DepEd directives.” She said.  “We are now correcting these by evaluating each classroom”, said Primicias.

Meanwhile, on issues raised about LED and Smart TVs, Primicias said schools are not required to purchase and install these if they do not have the means to do so.

“We won’t force schools under our division to purchase something beyond their means. But in order to help them, the division office gives a USB flash drive containing lessons to help teachers and students become more technology driven”, she said.

Primicias said the allegations raised against her were mainly due to poor information dissemination, a situation she said she wanted to correct by making the rounds of the schools to explain why rules must be strictly observed.

“In this world where playing by your own rules is the norm, we need to have standards”, she said. (Ahikam Pasion)

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