Pork shortage feared due to ASF

THE local hog industry fears the shortage of pork supply in April if the spread of the African Swine Fever is not contained in the province soon.    

According to Engr. Rosendo So, chairman of the Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (SINAG), there will be a shortage of pork supply throughout Luzon as the ASF virus continues to spread.  

So far, according to So, there is ample supply of pork due to the stable supply of pork in Pangasinan. In fact, Pangasinan is still supplying La Union and Baguio.   

The quarantine checkpoints in the province of Pangasinan will soon be installed with CCTV cameras for a closer monitoring of hogs and processed and frozen pork meat.

According to So, all quarantine checkpoints on the borders of Pangasinan with Tarlac and Nueva Ecija must be guarded closely against possible smuggling of pigs and meat contaminated with ASF.   

He said he feels relieved that the spread of ASF in the towns of Binmaley and Malasiqui is already under control after more than 1,300 pigs were culled.  

Meanwhile, he said there is still the unconfirmed report that some hogs in Asingan town have been already been hit with cholera. (Nora Dominguez)

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