Plastic ban in Bani starts March 1

BANI town will be the first local government in Pangasinan that will begin enforcing the ban of single-used plastics.

The implementation of the selective plastic ban on March 1 has been authorized by Municipal Ordinance No.05 series of 2018 “that prohibits, regulates and prescribes uses of plastic for goods and commodities and promote the use of eco-bags and other environmentally friendly practices as an alternative.”

Information officer Krissy Jesy Pison said the ban will be applied to all individuals and business establishments in the town.

Prescribed fines and penalties: P100 for 1st offense; P300 for 2nd offense; and P500 and or imprisonment of one month for individual violators, while penalties for business establishments are: P1,000 for1st offense; P2,000 for 2nd offense; and P2,500 and cancellation of business permit for third offense.

Pison said the ordinance was passed on 2018, however, the town was not yet ready for full implementation at that time.

Meanwhile, the municipal government also encourages the use of reusable or eco-bags.

“We are tapping organizations mostly are farmer’s organizations to make ‘bayong’ (bags made of coconut leaves) and other plastic alternatives, many of whom

are recipients of the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s Sustainable Livelihood Program. (Helen Martin)

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