Pangasinan PNP to put up a crisis intervention center


THE Pangasinan Police Provincial Police Office is now planning to establish a crisis intervention center because of the recorded suicide cases in Pangasinan.  

According to P/Col. Redrico Maranan, Provincial Director of the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office, plans are underway for the establishment of a crisis intervention center.  

According to Maranan, a hotline within the crisis intervention center will be opened where relatives or friends of people with depression can call and talk.  

According to the official, the purpose of the opening of crisis intervention center is to help because lack of advice or none can lead to suicide.  

He said PPPO can be of help to intervene through the emergency hotline as part of  a public service to those who need help in the event of a change in behavior or warning signs of depression to reduce suicide incidents.

According to Maranan, there have been 45 cases of suicide cases in the province from January to November 26. While there were 68 cases of suicide last year from January to December.  

Dr. Cielo Almoite, Provincial Health Officer 1 affirmed that there has been alarming number of cases of suicide in the province, noting that the youngest victim in the province was 13 years old because of relationship break-up while the oldest victim was 54 years old. Most committed suicide are by hanging. 

PHO, however, admits that since provincial hospitals have no psychiatrist or psychologist, patients complaining of depression are referred to Region 1 Medical Center. (Nora Dominguez)

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