No ‘unli’ gambling during wake in Villasis

TOWNS in Pangasinan can learn from Villasis’ policy on gambling during a wake. 

The controlled hours of gambling during the vigil for the dead in Villasis has resulted in more disciplined townsfolk. 

This was the felt change in communities after the mayor issued a memorandum four months ago about it.

Mayor Nonato Abrenica said people have become aware of the rule that residents themselves have began reporting violations in their neighborhood to the police.

He said he regularly visits wakes of his departed constituents and residents have become very conscious about the controlled hours in the conduct of card games or gambling activity during wake.

Abrenica issued a memorandum to barangay captains on Aug. 1, ordering that the activity is allowed provided a mayor’s permit is secured first from his office for such purpose “to avoid making a business out of it by some enterprising persons”.

Since then, bereaved families are aware that the permit for gambling to help raise funds to help defray expenses for the funeral specifies the number of days card games/gambling activity may be done during wake. 

The permit allows gambling only from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a. m.

Abrenica said he understands that gambling with card games keep the mourners awake during the vigil but it has to be for limited hours of the day. (PhilStar Wire Service/ECV)

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