Unstudied, incomplete commission report

THE report of the Dagupan City’s Flood Mitigation Commission came as disappointment because it turned out merely like an executive brief that failed to give Dagupeños the clear direction it promised. 

What it simply did was to list options that the city can opt for to mitigate flooding and stopped there. It did not give a timeline nor a schedule of logistics with which to work with. How did it get to arrive at 10-year plan as pointed out by Mayor Brian Lim? How can these alternatives be worked out?

Mayor Lim, who alone read the report, said nothing about what the city can look forward to year after year, and how the alternatives can cope with the worsening impact of climate change since it appears that the commission’s report was simply all about engineering work to be done with no specifications, designs, locations, etc.. Worse, it did not contain measured scientific results from these proposed infrastructures but simply that these hope to mitigate flooding.

What’s more worrisome is the statement that it’s a 10-year plan, no projection of what his administration can accomplish in the next year or so. In short, the Lim administration will not want to be accountable for any flood mitigation plan until the next 10 years.  

But perhaps Mayor Lim has more to say when he endorses the FMC’s report to the city council. We can’t wait to hear him.

We are the natural favorites

 THE 30th SEA Games, the region’s version of the Olympics, is finally on after confusion and a bit of chaos in the early goings.  But nothing new there since practically all past SEAG editions since its birth in 1977 were attended by similar glitches as action approaches.  As host, we are the natural favorites.  The last time we won was when he hosted it in 2015. We lost the titles as host in 1981 (third) and in 1991 (second), after miscalculations of strategies.  The Games’ weird format favors the host because the host owns the luxury of choosing which events to be played.  Thus, we flood the Games with gold-medal rich games where we are virtually sure of victory—as in billiards, bowling, arnis, and dancesports, to cite only a few.  In arnis alone are 20 golds at stake.  In dancesports 13 golds.  Thus, as the local joke goes, “If we don’t win, dinaya tayo.”  

Viva Pilipinas!

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