Dagupan PNP warns vs. thieves, street crimes

THE Dagupan City Police raised an alarm about a surge in activities of thieves operating as a group preying on parked cars and shoppers in crowded malls.

The police cited the cases of four car owners who reported break-ins by thieves by breaking car windows and carting away valuables left inside their vehicles. 

“The incidents have been recorded during weekends”, said P/ Lt. Col. Abubakar Mangelen Jr., Dagupan police chief.

Based on incident reports, the thieves operated during the weekend when people were busy shopping and left their parked vehicles unattended.

Mangelen asked mall operators to increase security measures inside their malls as he suspects that organized groups may be behind the series of break-ins and thefts in the city. 

He advised car owners to make sure that their car alarms are functioning and urged shoppers to watch out for their vehicles if their purchases are visible from outside. 

“Still, the best way to prevent these crimes is to leave someone to watch over their vehicles”, said Mangelen.

Meanwhile, authorities also warned against thieves operating inside shopping malls and busy streets employing ‘salisi’, ‘laslas bag’, and ‘ipit’ operations of organized groups.

Mangelen also warned the public to be careful in withdrawing large amounts from Automated Teller Machines (ATM) in open areas even as he assured that the city’s police officers are on full alert for the duration of the holidays. (Ahikam Pasion)

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