PNP regional director issues stern warning


THE region’s police director warned policemen in Pangasinan against soliciting letters from politicians for transfers of assignment, promotions and for many other personal purposes.

PNP B/Gen. Joel Orduña issued the warning after the Monday flag raising ceremony at the provincial police headquarters in Lingayen. “We do not seek political patronage. We do not write mayors for our re-assignment,” he intoned.

He said not only will he not give weight to letters of endorsements from politicians he will have the named police officer charged for soliciting political support.

He said his policy stands even if political endorsements were not solicited by the policemen but by their relatives.

Orduña advised policeman requesting for changes in their assignments instead to see him and discuss his/her requests personally with him. “If I see that your request is valid, I grant it,” he said.

Then turning to politicians, “I am thankful to politicians for their concern to the policemen but we have our own mechanism in the PNP regarding re-assignment”.

He added, “I know the intention, that they only want to help but we are discouraging that. Let us teach our policemen to stand on their own and approach their police chief or police director.”

Meanwhile, Orduña also reminded policemen against going to cockpit arenas, casinos and drinking in public places and urged them to stop their illegal habits or suffer the consequences i.e., outright dismissal for police personnel engaged in cockfight or casino gambling.

He said the PNP is serious about its internal cleansing campaign. “We will not tolerate even the minor infractions,” he said, adding that he has created teams to monitor these activities.

Orduña also advised all police personnel to serve the public with a smile and to be courteous at all times in addition to going back to basics i.e., juniors must salute their superiors.

He also reminded them to develop a culture of responsibility even when they are in a civilian attire. “We are 24/7 police until such time we hang those uniforms when we retire,” he said. (PhilStar Wire Service/ECV)

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