Pangasinan, compliant with Anti-Red Tape law

LINGAYEN—The provincial government is fully compliant with R.A. 11032 or the “Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018”, which was signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte in July this year.

Janette Asis, human resource and development officer of Pangasinan, said Pangasinan is one of the first few provinces in the country that adopted and implement the Anti-Red Tape Act.

The law created the Anti-Red Tape Authority under the Office of the President to monitor all government agencies and entities, national or local, to ensure their mandatory compliance to the new anti-red rape law.

Asis told the “Talakayan sa Kapitolyo” on November 4, among the main features of the law is the provision of an efficient service delivery mechanism that specifies the number of days when a citizen can avail of the services that he is seeking from a government agency.

The law set the three-seven-twenty day requirements for an agency to act or deliver the services required of them by their clients, whereas in the past, actions by government agencies to requests of citizens dragged on for many weeks, months or years. 

The 3-day requirement is for simple transaction sought by a citizen, the 7-day requirement is the kind of transaction that needs review, while the 20-day requirement is a transaction that is still needing technical evaluation before the service or the desired output is released.

Asis said the provincial government coordinates with cities and municipalities for the law’s implementation of the 3-7-20 day requirements mandating them to act on the requests or actions needed by citizens, and every government agency, national or local, has been required to put up posters in their front desks that specify the number of days they expect to deliver the service required of them by the citizens.     

She said the law also provides actions that the citizen can resort to in case a government agency fails to act on their requests within the time specified for them to act: 1) Approach the head of office and inquire why his or her office failed to act on his request within the time specified in the Anti-Red Tape Act, 2) Report it the violation. to the Civil Service Commission or 3) Send a message to Malacanang using the number 8888.

Complainant can be assured that Malacanang will require the office concerned to submit a report on the action taken in connection with the complaint. (Leonardo Micua) 

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