Mostly young motorcycles riders involved in accidents

THE Land Transportation Office (LTO) in the region has determined that more than 50% of the 38 percent of road accidents in Region 1 involved young motorcycle riders.

This, according to Teofilo Guadiz II, LTO regional director, is an alarming situation.

He said of this number, most of the young drivers involved are from 15 to 21 years old and accidents usually happen on Friday and Saturday nights and most of the victims were drunk. “Malalaskas lang ang loob,” he added yet most do not know the safety traffic rules.

Guadiz said this is one reason why the LTO will limit the issuance of driver’s license next year to people who have been taught in driving schools.

“Then they would value their driver’s license. They would be more careful with driving,” he said.

Guadiz also said that soon the LTO will begin to deploy its enforcement teams in the highways 16 hours in a day, instead of 8 hours only on certain days, adopting “guerilla” tactics to achieve better results, meaning highly mobile.

Meanwhile, Guadiz said the LTO will also implement stricter rules in the issuance of drivers’ licenses as well as in the accreditation of driving schools or academies starting January next year.

He said an applicant for student driver’s permit must undergo 15 hours actual seminar, followed by an examination to be given by LTO before his or license is issued.

A new applicant for a non-professional driver’s license will be required eight-hour practical review or actual driving to pass another examination, he said.

Driving schools will also be accredited as academies after they shall have complied with requirements set by the LTO.

Applicants for renewal of a driver’s license, will be required to attend eight hours of actual seminar.

Guadiz added that the issuance of 10-year validity of the license of drivers for those without traffic violations will start next year. (PhilStar Wire Service/ECV)

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