Pork demand in Dagupan returning to normal

DESPITE the ongoing culling operations in Barangay Apalen in Bayambang and implementation of the 1-7-10 protocol, the demand for pork by households in Dagupan City is slowly returning to normal.

This was noted by Dr. Michael Maramba, City Veterinarian who said the city consumed 90 heads a day before the ASF scare and has dropped to 70 heads since the ASF was reported in Barangay Baloling in Mapandan but the downtrend has been reversed.

“The demand for pork is gradually increasing despite the negative report from Bayambang,” said Maramba in an interview Wednesday evening.

The average consumption has already risen to around 85 to 87 heads daily. A higher increase in demand is projected as the holidays approach.

To further bolster the demand, the CVO assures the public that strict monitoring of slaughtered hogs will continue and cited the CVO’s decision to install three quarantine checkpoints along the city’s main thoroughfares to further monitor the entry of live swine and pork products to the city.

He said the measure was adopted in view of demand for lechon and CVO has to ensure that deliveries are accompanied by veterinary health certificates, shipping permits and other pertinent documents.

Maramba assured city residents that vendors of newly slaughtered meat and frozen products have meat inspection certificates attached to market stalls issued daily.

Meanwhile, the CVO has already vaccinated more than 12,000 pet dogs in the city, and still counting.

Maramba encouraged pet owners to have their pets vaccinated since are vaccines are free.

He said pet owners can request their barangays to schedule a day for vaccination. (Ahikam Pasion)

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