LNU celebrates diversity through Int’l Students Day

TO promote and celebrate cultural, racial, and academic diversity in the community, the Lyceum-Northwestern University (LNU) celebrated its first International Students Day last Friday, featuring its foreign students enrolled here.

LNU President Dr. Luz Duque-Hammershaimb, in an interview, said the program is also a part of the university’s 50th anniversary because the university wants to integrate foreign students in the university community and in the city.

She said foreign students contribute a lot to the city’s development, supporting the economy during their stay in the university to study.

The LNU caters to the needs of around 700 international students. This comprises of about 7% of the university’s student population.

More importantly, the foreign students enrich us with their culture.

“They each have very rich history, and even our fellow Filipinos appreciate their cuisine. This day is a good way to learn from one another”, she added.

It can be noted that several restaurants serving foreign cuisine surrounding the university, some of them owned by international students, or alumni of the university who decided to stay here.

Many of the foreign students take medical and pre-medical course.

Meanwhile, Hammershaimb aims to further strengthen LNU’s ties with the international community, especially with ASEAN countries.

Taking more than a decade to cultivate, the university has become successful in nurturing international students, many of them graduating and being notable personalities in their respective countries.

The International Students Day featured several events, with its main feature – the search for Mister and Miss International. (Ahikam Pasion)

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