Calasiao puto vendors relocated to plaza

CALASIAO –The long line of stalls of Calasiao puto vendors that has since become a landmark for the town’s popular homegrown product, is gone.

The stalls were recently demolished by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to give way to the widening of the Villamil Bridge.

Both the municipal government and the vendors are upset that stalls were demolished without due notice that could have given them time to prepare for the relocation of the vendors.

Mayor Joseph Arman Bauzon expressed dismay over the short notice for the demolition and asked the vendors to bear with him.

The displaced vendors have been temporarily relocated to the public plaza to continue their business.

Engineer Melanio de Vera, town municipal engineer, clarified that their relocation is only temporary – as the construction of a relocation center is being rushed 24/7.

Bauzon assured the vendors and other stakeholders that the new stalls being built will be “eye-catching” to help continue boosting the patronage of Calasiao puto.

Meanwhile, the Puto Festival may be possibly held for only a day, said Bauzon.

Bauzon said this was the consensus reached among stakeholders in the face of the ongoing construction and relocation of the puto vendors.

He said that instead of a month-long and extravagant celebration, funds allotted for the fiesta would be best utilized for the construction of the new stalls for the vendors for the promotion of their Calasiao puto. (Ahikam Pasion)

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