Teens in Bolinao transgender slay surrender

TWO boys, one a minor, surrendered to the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office after admitting to the slay of a male transgender in Patar, Bolinao last week.

Isagani Dollaga and Michael Orpano, aged 17 and 18 respectively, surrendered along with their parents.

Last week, the victim, a transwoman named Jestoni “Jessa” Remiendo was found hacked to death the following morning in Patar Beach almost decapitated due to vicious strikes on his neck.

Police investigation showed the suspects and the victim were engaged in a drinking spree the night of the crime.

Eventually, the victim became so drunk became aggressive and propositioned Dollaga to have sex. Dollaga ran away but was chased by the victim and eventually caught up and began biting Dollaga.

Orpano, upon seeing what Remiendo was about to do, saw a bolo knife nearby, and hacked the victim several times.

Analisa Orpano, Michael’s mother, revealed that the suspects decided to surrender themselves after feeling guilty over the incident.

She defended her son, stating that he protected his cousin from being violated.

Both suspects are currently under the custody of the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office. (Ahikam Pasion)

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