Police seize hidden hot meat in Rosales

ROSALES– The town police intercepted a freezer van and seized slaughtered hogs from Bulacan after failing to produce Meat Inspection Certificate, Veterinary Certificate, and a shipping permit.  

Police checkpoints were installed along entry points to the province on orders of Gov. Amado Espino III to prevent the entry of all pork products to the province to prevent the spread of suspected African Swine Fever (ASF).

The driver said the van only carried 150 crates of poultry for delivery to the Rosales Public Market, but when the van was meticulously examined, recently slaughtered pork meat were found hidden in its innermost part.

Rosales Chief of Police Major John Corpuz, said the van was impounded whose driver and helpers are from Bulacan.

He said aside from the driver’s failure to produce the necessary documents, the van was traveling outside of its designated route, said Corpuz.

The driver of the truck and the owner of Holy Farm in Rosales, the intended recipient of the pork carcass and chicken cut-ups, were given warning from the Rosales Veterinary office.

The confiscated pork was turned over to the Municipal Sanitary Meat Inspection Service for disposal. (Ahikam Pasion)

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