From preposterous to dangerous

IT can be said that the SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression) is nothing new to Pangasinan. Many years back, the provincial board attempted to legislate a third CR for the transsexuals (male cross dressers) in all business establishments in Pangasinan after a board member was invited to sit as judge in a Miss Gay contest in one barangay. He was asked to do it for the Miss Gay crowd.

What was attempted then was preposterous, but what is proposed now as SOGIE is dangerous. It seeks to order communities to conduct themselves properly towards LGBTQIA+ sector and failing to act accordingly, the violator is punished with hefty fines and jail terms.

Nothing in it defines how LGBTQIA+ members should conduct themselves in the community, It has no penalty reserved for their misconduct, their refusal to observe community standards for conduct and decency, their refusal to accept, conform with and respect other people’s religious, cultural beliefs and practices. It indemnifies them from legal actions for any scandal they make as a result of their lifestyle that has no limitation. (Note “+” sign, meaning any and all forms of lifestyle and behavior apart from the “straight” lifestyle). 

It’s all about LGBTQIA+s rights and privileges for their lifestyle, nothing about their duties, responsibilities and limitations in relating with their communities, educational and military institutions, parental control and guidance, etc. 

It might as well be called “A Discriminatory Act to Protect. Preserve and Promote the Lifestyle of LGBTQIA+.”

Sacking Sanchez

LET’S be clear, please.  Convicted rapist and murderer Antonio Sanchez remains in prison because of media vigilance, public outcry and President Duterte’s swift action.    After the media reported Sanchez’s liberty on August 20, an outraged public poured out to the streets to force authorities to stop Sanchez’s release. Sanchez was ineligible from the RA No. 10592 provision setting free well-behaved convicts because he was convicted of heinous crimes.  Sanchez was meted seven life sentences for the heinous crimes in 1993 of raping and murdering Aileen Sarmenta and murdering Aileen’s friend Allan Gomez.  Both were then students of UP-Los Banos, Laguna, and Sanchez was mayor then of Calauan, Laguna.  Only when Sen. Bong Go stepped in to say Mr. Duterte had stopped Sanchez’s release did the public protest die down.  A Senate probe is underway to try to pin down the author of Sanchez’s aborted freedom.  Interesting. 

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