Checkpoints intercept 244 hogs from Tarlac, Bulacan


LINGAYEN— The Office of the Provincial Veterinarian and the Pangasinan Provincial Police Office intercepted the entry of 244 hogs, at least 43 of which attempted to enter through the backdoors of Pangasinan skipping established checkpoints.

The cargo trucks were ordered to return to their respective points of origin by the task force enforcing strict bio-security as alert versus the dreaded African Swine Flu virus intensified on order of Governor Amado Espino III.

Reports released separately to The PUNCH, showed the attempted deliveries were intercepted by Animal Quarantine Checkpoints at various entry points of the province since August 20, including at the Mangaldan Slaughterhouse.

Assistant Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Jovito Tabarejo said the 35 hogs that entered the backdoor of the province through small interior roads in the border areas were intercepted on August 26 at the Mangaldan Livestock Market for slaughtering at the Mangaldan Slaughterhouse.

The owner of the shipment presented suspicious documents/permits which did not jibe or tally with the actual number of pigs being transported. 

The market supervisors of Mangaldan later found that the truck that brought in the 35 hogs did not pass through proper quarantine checkpoint.  All the 35 hogs were from Bulacan.

Later on the same day, 18 hogs loaded in a livestock truck registered under the name of one Louie Mendoza of Pandi, Bulacan, was intercepted also at the municipal slaughterhouse of Mangaldan. The owners had no shipping permit from the source of origin and also without a Veterinary Health Certificate.

On August 20, the Carmen Quarantine Checkpoint intercepted an elf truck loaded with 17 hogs from Tarlac City destined for Benguet and another elf truck, also from Tarlac, loaded with eight hogs enroute to Baguio City.

On August 22, the checkpoint in Wawa, Bayambang intercepted four “garongs” separately loaded with hogs that came from Camiling on the way to the slaughterhouse in Bayambang,

On August 28, the checkpoint at the Tarlac Pangasinan La Union Expressway exit in Bobonan, Pozorrubio intercepted 17 swine from Tarlac and another 45 pigs en route to Baguio to be slaughtered.

Earlier intercepted at TPLEx exit in Bobonan, Pozorrubio on August 21 were 28 hogs going to La Trinidad, Benguet and Baguio City.

Gov. Espino, on August 30, issued Executive Order No. 0080-2019 reiterating the temporary ban on the entry of live swine/pigs and frozen pork, and pork products into the province from the provinces of Rizal and Bulacan.

Discovering that trucks are skipping checkpoints along highways, OpVet established backdoor emergency checkpoints in Cabatuan, Umingan; Salvacion, Rosales; Dosoc, Bayambang; Pugo, Bayambang and Bersamin Alcala.

At the same time, OpVet and the PNP transferred the veterinary quarantine checkpoint in Casilagan, Mangatarem to Macarang, Mangatarem. (Leonardo Micua)

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