Students launch Palit Tayo project


LINGAYEN—Awareness for protection of environment gets a boost among students at the Pangasinan National High School with the recent launching of Palit Tayo (Let us Exchange) project, exchanging reusable and recyclable trash for school supplies.

Al Villanueva, one of the school paper advisers of Ang Baybay Dagat student publication said the project, launched in June after the school opening, seeks to instill discipline among the 7,700 students in the school and imbibe the value of waste segregation to protect the environment.

Wastes such as empty plastic bottles, paper cups, scrap paper can be exchanged for ballpen, paper, coupon bond, eraser, marker, highlighter, pouch and others.

Villanueva and two other fellow school paper advisers, Rubeline Joy Mararac and Yolanda dela Cruz, work in tandem with about 20 staff members of Ang Baybay Dagat develop the concept.

He said teachers and journalism students and their parents donate the school supplies for the the Palit Tayo project.

On the day of launching, 11 sacks of empty bottles and a half sack of paper were collected and exchanged for school supplies.

The collection and exchange is being held twice a month.

The collected reusable items are sold to junk shops and the revenues earned are used by the Ang Baybay Dagat staff members in their feeding project while teaching children the love for reading, Villanueva said. (PhilStar Wire Service)

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