PNP warns netizens’ use of “face app”

AS celebrities and social media influencers around the globe use the Hashtag FaceApp Challenge, the more than 2-year-old app created by a Russia-based developer which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), the new app prompted police to air security concerns.

Police said if the FaceApp data falls into the wrong hands, it can be used to sketch an extensive profile of the user’s online behavior. The collected photos and the identification code of the phone can be linked to data, which may leak e-mail addresses, credit cards, and passwords to the user’s profile. Such data can be misused for identity theft or espionage.

Netizens are encouraged to read the privacy terms and conditions of Facebook and other digital apps before using any app to ensure that their online data won’t be captured by hackers to preempt cybercrime. (Melody Valenton)

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