“One-strike” policy sanction for anti-illegal gambling


LINGAYEN– In response to the directive of President Rodrigo Duterte to close down all PCSO-sanctioned gaming schemes and all other forms of gambling, P/Col. Redrico Maranan, police provincial director, issued an order implementing a “one-strike” policy to sanction all chiefs of police if they fail to comply. 

And he went further to include all forms of illegal gambling.

Maranan told the “Lingguhang Talakayan sa Kapitolyo” at Urduja House, that chiefs of police will be immediately relieved of their posts for command responsibility if an illegal gambling activity found to be operating in their respective towns/cities.

At the same time, Maranan said he created an Anti-Illegal Gambling Task Force in each of the six districts that will operate with the police units in the place against illegal gambling.

He expressed confidence that the one-strike police and the presence of the task force will ensure that all chiefs of police will heed to the order for them to stop all forms of illegal gambling in the province.

When asked what these forms of illegal gambling are, Maranan said, “Whatever form it is, whether it is through the use of cards, spider, mahjong, “bularit” (illegal cockfighting), jueteng, basketball ending game, “cara y cruz”, it is already gambling.”

The order, he said, also applies to illegal gambling held traditionally during the wake for the dead to raise funds for the family of the deceased. Maranan said the players will be arrested as well.

He stressed that henceforth, all gambling activities without corresponding permits from the government will be stopped.

Meanwhile, Maranan said a total of 220 PCSO lotto outlets, draw centers and betting stations of Peryahan ng Bayan, Small Town Lottery and Keno all over Pangasinan were closed.

However, the closed 130 PCSO lotto outlets were reopened July 31 based on a new directive of President Duterte.

The 32 Peryahan ng Bayan outlets, 25 keno outlets, 32 STL outlets in different towns and cities, including one STL provincial drawing outlet in Urdaneta City remain closed, Maranan said.  (Leonardo Micua/Nora Dominguez).    

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