Draft ordinance filed to Dagupan Bangus brand

A proposed ordinance has been filed at the Dagupan City Council seeking to protect consumers from being sold fake (or “imported”) Dagupan Bangus by establishing exclusive accredited authorized dealers of authentic Dagupan Bangus.

In their joint authorship, Councilors Marcelino Fernandez and Jose Netu Tamayo said it will guide buyers where to buy Dagupan bangus and not be deceived into buying “imported” bangus (raised outside Dagupan City).

The proposed ordinance said Dagupan City is a major commercial hub in the province of Pangasinan with the reputation of supplying the world’s tastiest milkfish products with its sweet and savory taste, producing at least an estimated 16,000 tons of milkfish annually.

The two said the ordinance is in response to complaints that unscrupulous traders have been passing off double-dead “imported bangus” as Dagupan bangus. It is not only posing health risks to patrons of Dagupan Bangus but detrimental to the bangus industry in Dagupan.

Once approved, the city mayor will be authorized to accredit two or more bangus dealers /consignacion exclusively for Dagupan Bangus to distinguish it from “imported” bangus dealers/consignacion.

A duly accredited exclusive Dagupan Bangus dealer/consignacion shall be properly identified in the market and will be known not to buy imported bangus.

Violators of this ordinance shall be meted with the penalty of closure of business establishment by the mayor. (PhilStar Wire Service)

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