City forms Anti-Flood Commission

THE Dagupan City Government has formed the Anti-Flood Commission to address the frequent flooding problem in the city.

This follows an Executive Order No. 1A of Dagupan City Mayor Brian Lim in accordance with Article 2, Section 16 of the Constitution that should protect the people in harmony  with nature.

Lim cited high tide, irregular land conversions, heavy rains, piecemeal infrastructure and urban planning exacerbate the city’s flooding problem.

It acknowledged the increase in sea level by 65 centimeters or two feet that caused flooding in coastal cities around the world including Dagupan City, according to a report from the National Academy of Sciences.

According to the 2017 Flood Mapping Survey program by the UP Training Center for Applied Geodesy and Photogrammery’s Light Detection ad Ranging (LIDAR) method, 3 square meters of the city’s 48 square kilometer land area is experiencing flooding of .40 meters and deeper in the lower part of the city.

Appointed members of the commission are Engr. Liberato Afficial and Engr. Arnold Palmero, (Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers), Engr. Joseph Lo, (Business Sector), Arch. Maximo Tan and Arch. Zosimo Ganaden (United Architects of the Philippines), Engr. Nancy Nazareno (City Engineering Office), James Louell Fernandez and Jose Jesus Torio (City Planning and Development Office), Atty. Terrence Mata and Atty. Michael Camilo Datario (City Legal Office).

According to Mayor Lim, the city will find a short and long term solutions through the Anti-Flood Commission, with the help of the City Engineering Office and the Department of Public Works and Highways.

He said, it will start by developing a topographic plan on the overall state of the city to determine how deep the flood waters are in the area and find an immediate and long term solution.

The mayor will work with the Anti-Flood Commission to look for a solution to the city’s flood problem.

The commission is expected to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the city’s flooding situation, provide technical and professional advice to the mayor on the implementation of flood control and implement flood mitigation plans. (Nora Dominguez)

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