Prices of meat, fish increase

CONSUMERS may have to spend more for their favorite cooked food, as the prices of meat and fish products here have risen due to various reasons.

According fowl supplier Jen, poultry products that cost around P130-P140 now cost around P150-P160 per kilo.

Price of beef has gone up to P350 per kilo and this was attributed to reduced supply of imported beef due to the threat of African Swine Fever (ASF).

Fish prices have also gone up in the Magsaysay Wet Market: Blue mackerel scad, known as galunggong, is now being sold for P120 per kilo, compared to last month’s P100 per kilo.; yellowfin tuna costs P150 per kilo or P40 increase; Dusky Jack or talakitok and squid, previously P300 pesos, now sold at P330; and lapu-lapu now costs P450 per kilo.

Only the price of bangus remains stable due to oversupply from P130 -P150 per kilo.
Authorities expect prices to go down once the supply normalizes. (Chub Pasion)

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