No automatic termination at Mangaldan munisipyo

MANGALDAN—No employee will be terminated until an evaluation is completed.

Mayor Marilyn Lambino, Mangaldan’s new chief executive, assured all the 270 job order employees in the municipal government for the next three months during which time their performance will be evaluated to determine if their contracts should be renewed or not.

But she warned that contractual employees will also be subjected to a one-strike policy if found guilty based on complaints lodged against them.

Lambino said unlike previous mayors who immediately terminated the services of job order employees and those under co-terminus status once they took over, she said her leadership will not see any political color among the employees but rewards those who really work for the people.

However, she added she will accept resignations if submitted.

Meanwhile, Lambino said she will strictly enforce the no-parking rule on either side of the national road in Poblacion, especially fronting the public market. Violators shall be penalized, she added.

Cleanliness in the market is another concern that she will look into to protect the health of the consumers.

Unclogging canals is another priority concern for her to avoid flooding during the rainy season.

She appealed to the residents to to set aside politics and work with her to give the best service that the townsfolk deserve. (PhilStar Wire Service)

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