Drugs in schools, colleges

THE biggest target market of the drug syndicates are students whether young or adult.  There are already indications that grade schools are already being slowly penetrated using high school students as pushers.

The growing student population in Pangasinan makes the province a rich primary target and unless both parents, teachers and school/college administrators collaborate proactively to protect the young, the vulnerable and impressionable students will become drug personalities in no time.

School and college administrators should welcome random visits of law enforcers,  to conduct random checks of backpacks at the gates as the basic preventive countermeasure against attempts of drug syndicates to employ students as pushers since they cannot be jailed if caught.

At the same time, local governments should revisit the capabilities of their local social welfare offices to conduct “re-schooling” of youngsters caught as couriers and pushers in their communities. Oftentimes, arrested youngsters are merely given soft lectures and are quickly released to their parents (who in most cases actually have full knowledge of their children’s “livelihood”).

Meanwhile, police drug operatives must also learn how to deal with young minds, and be effective in influencing the young from becoming wayward in their youth. A seminar by  a psychologist for law enforcers  will go a long way  in developing a safe city.

In brief, be forewarned for our young.  They need protection.

Balancing act

THE President is the country’s No. 1 diplomat. 

Thus, every time the foreign secretary opens his mouth, it is Mr. Duterte speaking.  The President can dispute him anytime and Mr. Duterte’s argument stays.  His word is final on anything, everything.  The case of China for example.  Critics keep hitting what they argue as the President’s show of “too much love” for China.  What’s wrong with that?  China is now a super power almost equal with the  US in might, both militarily and in trade.  Remember that China, with a population of 1.4 billion, is just a stone’s throw away from us.  Be still.  The US is thousands of miles away from our shores. Be calm.  But no, has Mr. Duterte not shown respect unabashedly to the US that much, in the process earning profuse praise from President Trump himself?  

You are small.  Be friends to all.  That’s what you call balancing act. 

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